Professional CV

Work & Research Experience

Process Engineer – Avago Technologies. Sept 2014 » Present

Working within the permanent bonding module at Avago Technologies' Fort Collins fab. Focussed on the transition from 150mm substrate processing 200mm for MEMS products deployed in wireless communication.

Development Engineer – Micralyne Inc. Mar 2011 » Aug 2014

Process Module Lead - establish and optimize key manufacturing processes in grind and polish process module (new process capability to company as of winter 2013).

  • Responsible for wafer grinder and thickness gauge acquisition and acceptance from vendor.
  • Monitored & controlled wafer grinding performance and optimized parameters affecting key outcomes of step - total thickness variation and subsurface damage.
  • Examined process parameter space for chemical-mechanical polishing to address issues of cross wafer uniformity, removal rate and selectivity. Responsible for customized treatment and step-optimization for range of substrates on variety of process flows for device performance and cost reduction.
  • Documented standard processes, established SPC module monitoring and preventative maintenance program for module. Provided training to transfer to operations staff. Established module use guidelines to integration engineers and actively consult internally regarding capability requirements of new process flows using the module.

Project Technical Lead - development of next generation MEMS sensor involving wafer level interconnection and packaging utilizing hermetically sealed cavities.

  • Performed AuSi and Si-Si wafer bonding with cavity vacuums. Optimized AuSi bonding process for improved hermeticity, 6 orders of magnitude beyond previous specification.
  • Performed feasibility study on hydrophilic fusion bonding of perforated substrates; achieved yield targets and transferred process capability knowledge internally.
  • Developed new process for placement of solder ball-grid array according to ICP standard.
  • Developed deposition process for doped LPCVD polysilicon as a collaboration with an academic institution. Guided experimentation for industrial applicability from tool acquisition through recipe optimization, equipment modification and into preparation for production.
  • Designed, drew and maintained compatibility of device layouts on 12 layers of lithography contact masks and stepper reticles through evolving phases of product development.
  • Interacted collaboratively with client through several rounds of successive prototyping.

“Yield Team” member responsible for statistical analysis of fabrication process parameters during ramp to production volume.

  • Worked with a large multidisciplinary team of engineers to divide and conquer sources of scrap throughout wafer-fab and back-end packaging processes.
  • Interpreted realtime production data and directed attention to following a scientific process to maintain trend improvement of production yield.

Research for MSc Thesis Completed Feb 2011

Studied nanofabrication of photonic crystal thin films in one and three dimensions with switching functionality and performed characterization of their properties through custom data analysis.
Experience with electron beam lithography, physical vapour deposition & nanoimprint lithography as well as evaluation of optical properties.
Supervisor: Dr. Michael Brett. University of Alberta Elec. and Comp. Eng. Dept.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Fabrication of magnetic disk arrays using micron scale stencil lithography. Structured and planar thin film deposition, materials characterization, experimental design and execution. Extensive cleanroom fabrication experience and varied process development challenges.
Capstone Supervisor: Dr. Mark Freeman NRC-NINT & U. of Alberta Physics Dept.
Summer Supervisor: Dr. Michael Brett. U. of Alberta Elec. and Comp. Eng. Dept.
Summer Supervisor: Dr. Robert Wolkow. NRC-NINT & U. of Alberta Physics Dept.


MSc Electrical Engineering 2011

Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Alberta
Nanotechnology and Microdevices Research Group
Current area of interest is optical properties of nanostructured thin films. Focus of research is the development of novel spectral filters with switchable functionality.

BSc Engineering Physics 2008

Dept of Electrical and Computer Engineering - University of Alberta
Graduated with Distinction.

High School Diploma

Calgary Christian High School
Graduated first in class.

Awards and Honours

Alberta Innovates Technology Futures R&D Associate. Mar 2011 » Feb 2013

Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship - Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC). Sept 2008 » Aug 2010

Alberta Ingenuity Graduate Student Scholarship in Nanotechnology. Sept 2008 » Aug 2010

Louise McKinney Post-Secondary Scholarship through undergrad

Governor General Bronze Medal


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Joshua Krabbe et al. Whitepaper: Advanced WLP Platform for High-Performance MEMS. (2013). Available:

Joshua D. Krabbe, Viktor Leontyev, Michael T. Taschuk, Andriy Kovalenko, and Michael J. Brett, "Square spiral photonic crystal with visible band gap”, J. App. Phys. Vol. 111, 064314 (Mar 2012) [DOI].

Joshua D. Krabbe, “Development of photonic crystal display devices” M.S. thesis, Elec. Comp. Eng. Dept., University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (Feb 2011). [permalink]

Joshua D. Krabbe, and Michael J. Brett. "Photonic crystal reflectance switching by dye electrophoresis", Appl. Phys. Lett., Vol. 97 041117 (Aug 2010). [DOI]

Joshua D. Krabbe, Michael J. Brett. Photonic crystal switching by dye electrophoresis. Oral Presentation, Faculty of Engineering Graduate Research Symposium (June 2010)

Joshua D. Krabbe, Michael J. Brett. “Photonic crystal switching by the electrophoretic movement of dye ions”, Proc. SPIE, Vol. 7609, 760915 (Feb 2010). [DOI] (& Oral Presentation at Photonics West)