This weBLOG contains writings and comments about all aspects of this adventure. Starting from early on in the application stages I'll keep comments here regarding fundraising, training, and ultimately the bike ride itself. It won't all be pretty: $10 000 is an enormous fundraising goal, 9 weeks on a bike is not a walk in the park, and living with a bunch of other crazy cyclists for 2 months is likely to generate some stories.

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We're back into real hills for the first time in many weeks. Upper New York state is living up to it's reputation as hilly and spectacular.

I woke up with a bit of a sore knee from the previous day's ride. I think I mashed gears a bit too much trying to get up some of the shorter hills. It's easier than shifting with my shoulder as it is. I had myself a bit worried I was going to do a number on my knee just to save my shoulder. I was happy though that after an hour of riding things felt miles and miles better instead of worse. Today's hills were longer and steeper than the previous day's so I put out the effort to shift properly and took it easy on the knee.

I left camp alone but quickly caught up with Jenna Zee and Heidi Bentum who were rolling along at a good clip. I wasn't going much quicker than them and when I went by they latched on and followed in my draft. We pulled off the highway and checked out a huge waterfall and then soon were in Ithaca. The town was pretty cool and we stopped along a walking street downtown at a little coffee shop and bakery. We loaded up on caffeine and I bought a whole loaf of Olive bread which I proceeded to chow down on with a lot less help from the girls than I expected. Kinda reminiscent of the pancake breakfast the day before I remounted my bike stuffed full and started out of town. We climbed up the hill past Cornell University which I think would be a really sweet place to study (great bike racing community in the area too according to some locals). When I say hill I mean hill! This part of the country seems to have roads built before people had huge machinery (or at least the road-route, the surfaces are fantastic) and as a result they just run straight up the hills. We all managed up it with smiles on our faces and continued through the hills towards camp.

I have that camera of mine that was smashed in my crash replaced and it is working well except for the part where I want to upload photos from my SD card to the internet. I have to resize them with MS paint before uploading so only a few from today...

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