This weBLOG contains writings and comments about all aspects of this adventure. Starting from early on in the application stages I'll keep comments here regarding fundraising, training, and ultimately the bike ride itself. It won't all be pretty: $10 000 is an enormous fundraising goal, 9 weeks on a bike is not a walk in the park, and living with a bunch of other crazy cyclists for 2 months is likely to generate some stories.

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A video from the archives

I found a video on my SD card that I hadn't watched... ever. I filmed it on the morning of the day my "original" camera this summer broke. When I transferred that SD card over to my new camera it was formatted differently and was never retrieved and can't be viewed on the Canon, it can however be viewed on a computer so when fishing through that folder on the PC I remembered filming it.

It's a song/prayer/hymn that was sung at Roseland Christian Ministries in south Chicago while we were passing through there. It's not the greatest at capturing the moment but if you're in doubt as to whether or not it was a powerful experience ask any of the cyclists.

And a few other things I've realized never made it onto my blog following the summer. My net gain for each thigh circumference was 2.3 cms (almost an entire inch!) and 1.6 cms on the calf. The total mileage covered by myself is 7105 kms and ride time of 250:56 hours:minutes putting my average pace for the summer at 28.5 kph. I also found myself featured in another Youtube video thanks to Stephanie Webb from way back in Washington State while we were horsing around on the slackline waiting for church to start. It's a shame this video didn't start 3 seconds earlier because I made a sweet jumping start onto the line which is only captured right at the end. So be it I guess:

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