Where to start?

Indeed, the goal of this bike tour—ending the cycle of poverty—is hopeful, if not overwhelming. Yet for generations, good-hearted people all over the world have been working to this end, doing what they can for individuals, families and communities who do without the basic necessities to sustain a healthy life.

The Christian Reformed Church, through its members, agencies and partners, continues to work to alleviate poverty for individuals and communities around the world through job creation, education, training, health services, community and business development, mentoring and more. This massive bike tour will raise awareness about poverty-related issues on a larger scale than we could each do on our own. Taking that first step in the direction of a solution is all anyone can hope to do. By making an investment of our time, skills and funds we can begin to make a difference.

Who receives the funds?

  • Chrisitan Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC) CRWRC is a relief, development, and educational ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. In more than 30 countries CRWRC is partnering with local organizations to address needs with long term solutions. The mentality of CRWRC's work is to equip people to help themselves.
  • Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) CRWM is the overseas missions branch of the Christian Reformed Church. In over 25 countries CRWM is bringing the gospel and providing education to unreached people.
  • Partners Worldwide (PW) PW strives to eliminate poverty by growing businesses and creating jobs in areas of need. PW's activities include developing business partnerships, offering business mentoring and training, increasing access to capital and advocating on behalf of the poor.

Business Development
& Job Creation

  • Building a network of successful Christian business people who, through direct involvement, share skills, resources and entrepreneurial acumen for mutual learning and benefit.
  • Offering community-based loans so people can invest in their small business to generate income.
  • Creating and maintaining quality employment through access to capital and a revolving loan fund.

Community Development
& Health Services

  • Working with poor farmers to help them improve their agriculture techniques, create greater crop yields, and protect the environment.
  • Mitigating the spread and impact of HIV/AIDS in more than 13 countries where, because the income-generating population is all but wiped out, many villages are trapped in a cycle of poverty.
  • Helping local recovery organizations move from emergency response following a disaster to addressing the long-term needs of their community.

Leadership Development
& Education

  • Addressing sinful patterns of leadership that enrich a few at the expense of many and perpetuates systemic injustice.
  • Advocating for the oppressed and offering training in civil rights, human rights, peace-building, and biblical justice.
  • Ensuring a strong, Christian leadership at the community level so that outreach programs meet the physical and spiritual needs of those in poverty.
  • Teaching leaders the fundamentals of good business practice and challenging people to understand that business is ministry.
  • Discipling believers to be radical followers of Jesus who live with sensitivity to their culture but not in subjection to it.