Gallery "Backcountry Skiing 2009-2010"

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Elizabeth Parker Hut How could you not have a good time? Dave, the head coach with mad-skillz Pat Lesley Mike Bridget Joe Shari Katie and Eric Dave and I are the last to depart the hut Patches of Blue Sky greet us in 2010. New Years Day morning There's a moose in them woods! Honest All smiles Approaching the steep section of ascent towards Assinaboine Pass LB invents a new technique Pat realizes he forgot his poles somewhere. On the way up to Assinaboine Pass the scenery was super spectacular. Snowangel making time Mike is awesome! PK The sling becomes a waist-belt Lesley with her modified backpack sling PK takes one of his 7800 photos on the trip, or something like that. Lesley finishes the big hill with PK close in arrears. Our friends left a nice message in the snowbank The creek had open water, it wasn't too chilly out Working hard but having a blast This is the sign telling me not to bring firecrackers into the National Park. They were super old and therefore not terribly exciting, so maybe that changes the rules? LB is excited... or sleep deprived... or both PK gets mentally prepared for the ski trip. Frost forms in all sorts of weird patterns when it's cold outside! A bit of snow fell on the car while we were gone... And that ice-beard took all the was to Lake Louise to thaw out. Sunrise on the shortest day of the year (-27 degrees) Sunrise on the shortest day of the year (-27 degrees) Alpenglow on the surrounding mountains Traversing the rockback Traversing the Rockband Dad skiing towards Schaeffer Lake Elizabeth Parker Hut Watching the snow fall from inside Elizabeth Parker Hut New Years Day morning panorama

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