Gallery "Edmonton to Penticton 2009"

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Summit of Rogers Pass. I met a couple who were riding across Canada here, they were within two weeks of being done and had been at the project already for three months... all the way from Newfoundland Elevation Profile. 16923m gained in 9 days or riding Waterfowl Lake. My Grad school supervisor said that this lake is known to host some beautiful dutch girls swimming in very little clothing on hot summer afternoons. It would turn into a hot afternoon, more than 30 degrees, but I passed the lake at 9am and Sunset somewhere near Blue River Coming back down from Apex the Penticton valley had started to get very smoky. The smoke would really thicken starting at about 2:00pm and by 6:00 the visibility was only about 3 kms. Switchbacks on the way up to Apex are nothing to laugh at... that's a serious hill... probably the second hardest climb I've ever done after Mt. Evans. It was definitely harder than Wolf Creek Pass near Park City. At the top of Apex after a very challenging 2 hours of riding. A bear eating berries... he's blurry because I wasn't going to stop my bike to take the picture. But I hope you're convinced that it's a bear and not just a black smudge. Exiting the water- 1:06:37 Heading into the water for a warmup swim Getting ready for the swim start. Departure time from the Hotel on race morning. Stefan was up at 4:00 and I was up at 4:20. The reason for the trip: ride the IMC course and ingrain it in my memory... this will be a welcome sight on August 29, 2010. It means that I will have just crested Richter Pass and am beginning the descent towards the rollers before Cawston. If the race i Directions: I came from Needles Ferry that morning before my first stop from the bike at this sign (80 kms). I was eating jelly beans and had no reason to stop until I wanted some pie which I found nearby. Looking up the valley I just came out of from Monashee Summit These signs are great: they mean a big downhill is coming soon! Heading down hill towards Lumby along a nice little lake. I would have swum but it was early in the morning still and quite chilly and I had a schedule to stick to that prevented me from waiting until it warmed up. Monashee Pass Top of Monashee Pass. Last pass of the ride. Following 2 hours of climbing first thing in the morning (about 12 kph average up to this point) Fauquier to Needles Ferry Osprey The Arrow Lakes Valley was full of smoke from the fires at the north end... this was one of the smaller patches on fire, but closest to the road so it's the only picture that worked, all the others just look like hazy clouds. Big hill. I had to go up this one instead of down. I was thirsty but that water was just too far away from the road to try and get. National Park #4: Mt. Revelstoke N.P. More Avalanche Terrain More Avalanche Terrain Avalanche terrain above the road. Hot and humid conditions make for lousy pictures, but pretty good views. It's LOUD in here when the cars go by. I also was trying to half wear my sunglasses to protect my eyes from all the gravel the cars spit up but still try to see where I was going... meanwhile trying to ride in a straight line, what a stunt. On ascent to Rogers Pass. Going into the tunnel on my bike. No lights in this one. National Park #3: Glacier N.P. Camping in Golden. The only benefit to staying in a real campsite was that I was in town and could go to the awesome bakery the next morning for 'grizzly paw' pastries. Other than that the benefits were few: pay money for camping, pay money for showering, Big Bridge on 10 mile downhill into Golden I had three lanes to myself because they closed the road for construction behind me. It was sweet while it lasted, but the cars got through the construction blockade and caught me before the really steep section. Big hill sign... what a welcome sight! Entering B.C. The province re-did all their signs in preparation for the 2010 winter Olympics with ths new brand 'The Best Place on Earth'. Obviously they never came to Edmonton, but it's a pretty close second. Second National Park of the trip: Yoho N.P. Peyto Lake from the lookout (The last kilometer to the lookout is killer steep) Entering my first of many National Parks: Banff N.P. Along Abraham Lake, the wind was so strong here that I was doing about 8 kph in my easiest gear going along the flats. I wasn't jealous of these guys' engines though, bah, my legs have enough horsepower right? First Campsite near Rocky Mtn House; my little one man tent, little stove, little trailer, and giant bike. View from the Fauquier Ferry on Arrow Lake. The sun is starting to set and I've got a giant hill yet to climb before heading to bed.

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