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Large Poster Geer Week 2007 Iron Ring Ceremony - March 29, 2008
[Graham Hunter, Josh Krabbe, Steven Thornhill, Dan Sirbu, Robert Joseph, James Bell, Steven Jim, Nathanael Wu] Iron Ring Ceremony - March 29, 2008
Iron Ring Ceremony - March 29, 2008
Jan Jung Teaching Solid State Physics... and scientific notation from elementary school Jan Jung Teaching Solid State Physics... and basic trigonometry from Jr High! Jan Jung Teaching Solid State Physics... and trigonometry from Jr High! Waffle Day 2007, Sit's 350 class Waffle Day 2007, Sit's 350 class Piranha logo for Engineering Physics shirts. Summer clothing order 2007. What do you call three EnPhys is a fume hood? How about a Faraday cage that doesn't work, because that's what it is =) Pulling our prank on the 1st year club, After all that effort invested in cleaning out our club why would we waste the opportunity to pay them back a little bit for their efforts. Tug of War, Enphys Places 4th, Geer Week 2007 Shangria, Geer Week 2007 Vince with all the goods, EnPhys cleaned up in 3 categories at the engineers ball,  Geer Week 2007 With the scavenger hunt plaque at the engineers ball, Geer Week 2007 Boat Races, Team EnPhys Anchor Just a bit more evidence that EnPhys is better at civE than civE is at civE! The First Year Club's Eng Week prank on out club office. approximately 15 garbage bags of paper shreddings were dumped in our office, taking many an hour to clean out. EngWeek 2007 Boat Races - I had to anchor the team in the first round. I certainly did the duty but we were overshadowed by the MinE team that we were racing (They're defending champions for a reason). EngWeek 2007 Scoring 148 cm on the Design competition. Elevated a ping-pong ball above the surface of the kiddie-pool using a strict budget and limited resources. We had the tallest structure by far! but may have been outscored on other aspects of the competition. Eng Retaliation for the First Year Confetti Prank. We taped garbage bags across their doorway and filled the gap with paper shreddings. Leaving access to the handle open they opened the door the next morning and the confetti fell into their club. EngWeek 2007 First Corner, Toboggan races EngWeek 2007 Finish Line, Toboggan races EngWeek 2007 Ian on the Toboggan James being a goof in the Phys 397 Lab. Classmates from Math 117 and 118. Rob gets a bit overexcited on waffle morning 2006. Waffle morning 2006. Woke up an extra hour  before normal to come and make waffles in the lecture hall before the 8:00 am class begins. Certainly worth the effort. Jan Jung effectively uses class time to cover all of the required course material. (Phys 281 - pretty boring class, pretty awesome mark)

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