Gallery "Icefields Parkway 2009"

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The top of Bow Pass, highest elevation for the day. Pattern for the descents. Josh leads, Stefan follows and Ben spins his legs as fast as he can to try and stay on the drafting train. Ben follows past crowfoot glacier Josh cruises past Crowfoot glacier Josh follows Stefan is next up the hill By the time the real climbing begins Ben is back in the lead... seeking more KOM points even though he has the polka dot jersey secured. The chase pack follows closely. Ben and Stefan stop on the climb to pee and Josh tries to make a breakaway Great weather today too Stefan launches an attack on Ben Josh on approach to Bow Pass Stefan on approach to Bow Pass Saskatchewan River Crossing. Saskatchewan River Crossing. Ben keeps eating his Clif Bars Ben gives chase to Stefan... Josh is making an attack off the front Halfway down Sunwapta Pass. Thumbs up for fun times and fast speeds (84 kph on this descent) Beginning the descent from Sunwapta Pass Leaving Jasper National Park More alpine meadow Heading through the alpine meadows by the icefields Arrival to the Icefields Visitor Center. Josh third Arrival to the Icefields Visitor Center. Stefan second Arrival to the Icefields Visitor Center. Ben first. Day 2 Departure Stefan gets ready to ride Ben at the top of Sunwapta Pass Blue skies on Day 1. HOT! Stefan fraternizing with the tourists

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