Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 2"

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Nick and Josh waiting for the UPS truck to arrive. Dad and Josh following a day's ride Nathan Beach Reuben Vyn Long shadows early in the morning Riding with Andy Hiemstra Riding through wheat fields Camp in Ontario Oregon View of the south-side of Dooley Pass. Tyler, Mark and Larry at the side of the interstate on the way down to Huntington with the tailwind. The view on the way down from Baker city towards Huntington. Pace line on the way back in to Baker City Top of Dooley pass with the whole crew! Brad and Theo on the way back up Dooley Pass the second time round The little post office and ranch from which we got water. You can tell we're at the top of a pass because people aren't thinking straight. They walk all the way across the gravel pit to pee behind a tree and don't even bother to go behind the tree. Myself I just stopped at the side of the road Top of Dooley Pass the first time Johnny and company riding through Baker City Art Smit, who is now riding without taping his ankle these days. Riding alongside the reservoir, we soon saw where it was going, onion growing irrigation. Tan lines are awesome! slowly making out way out of the ice cream shop and heading back to camp Downtown Baker City Ice cream stop in La Grande Pausing before the descent. Taking a walk to the vista of the valley *I need to take a photo* is a common excuse to try and get a break without admitting that you're too tuckered out to keep riding. Kyle used the phrase this time but I'm know to be guilty of the trick myself on occasion Looking back from where we've come. The accomplishment looks fantastic from up top! Up Up Up Up. The hill just continues on for what seems like forever Cyclists at the side of the road taking a break before the switchbacks began Nick stopped for water halfway up the hill. Estimated temperature 110 F The uphill to the top of the Mesa on the 281 km epic day. Sea to Sea camping spot in Kennewick Sea to Sea celebration area in a park, downtown kennewick The dinosaur welcoming us with open arms in Granger

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