Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 3"

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Celebration Service in Boise Jordonelle Tent at Jordonelle Ski Jumps from Winter Olympics 2002 Hilena, she didn't think I could take a picture while traveling at 45 kph. She was wrong. Top of Parley's Canyon Looking back down Emigrations Canyon from the first switchback Emigrations Canyon Mormon Temple Mormon Temple First CRC Salt Lake City Sunset the night before the big day Trackstand Horsing around in a section of the Space Shuttle's center engine (I think it's the liquid fuel one) Rocket Factory. Josh Nick and Reuben. Check out the sweat sheen on the legs and the beautiful tanlines. Interstate Len asleep in the tent welcome to snowville Utah Heat mirage on the road Spelling is mostly a matter of preference apparently Sweep team wasting time en-route to Mountain Home Chatting with Bill The Dunes Crew (Tyler was looking at the interpretive center, we were looking at the real thing and he missed out) John Alex Billy D and a random rock that was named after him. Who knew he was world famous John Deere Burley Riding back out of the valley (Sorry I can't rotate when uploading directly from my SD card Shoshone Falls The big bridge in Twin Falls Idaho Snake River Canyon from the big bridge (spit takes 11 seconds to hit the water) Snake River Canyon Stefan J Meyer's Mailbox. If you don't know him, then just pretend you did. I thought it was cool. Crop Duster Snake River Canyon Making use of every scrap of shade Celebration Service in Boise - lineup for food Celebration Service in Boise - My bike Celebration Service in Boise Celebration Service in Boise Celebration Service in Boise Celebration Service in Boise

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