Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 4"

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Summit of Wolf Creek Pass Paceline rolling through Winter Park en-route to Berthoud Pass Rolling into YMCA Winter Park up the final steep hill of the short day. Climbing Berthoud Pass Reading at YMCA Winter Park Josh followed closely by Peter Rabbit on the uphill to Berthoud Pass Me talking with Ed Witvoet the Tour Manager Check out those stats. Distance up top, average speed bottom left corner Reuben Vyn near the summit of Squaw Pass The beginning of the road up to the top of Mt Evans. The riding crew at the top of Mount Evans. Top fo Mt Evans Alex and I atop Mt. Evans Road up to Mt Evans looking down on Squaw Pass Road from Mt Evans Road Eritia and others (others means unidentified) as we begin our descent from the summit of Berthoud Pass Going up Berthoud Pass Sunrise in Winter Park Sunrise in Winter Park Ski Hill George VanderKuur in Sulphur Springs Canyon Eritia in Sulphur Springs Canyon Sulphur Springs Canyon Salt crust on the helmet from a hard day's ride Thunderstorm behind Thunderstorm ahead Sweep Team at Continental Divide Peeing in both ocean drainages at once The Rabbit Ears that the pass is named after Alpine Meadow atop Rabbit Ears Pass Alpine Meadow atop Rabbit Ears Pass The grade sign at the summit of Rabbit Ears The climb up to Rabbit Ears Pass The beginning of the climb up to Rabbit Ears Pass Route to Steamboat Springs The angel at the bike shop in Craig Colorado. Trying to ride the rain-shadow of my bike. Note the excellent water bottle placement. The rain shadow of my bike at the 19 mile mark on Wednesday (The first time I was at that spot) Sun breaking through the clouds. Ice on the thighs party Entering Colorado The pink dinosaur in Vernal Utah The forming thundercloud aboveoneof the best hang-gliding sites in the world. climbing through the badlands Top speed for the day! Jenna, Julia Josh and Jelena (Hilena) at summit of Wolf Creek Pass Looking back from one of the bends on the ascent to Wolf Creek Pass 8 Percent! Celebration service at Jordonelle State Park Celebration Service at Jordonelle State Park, rainbow in the background

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