Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 6"

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Welcome to Dordt Trackstand in traffic coming into Madison Thursday of Week 6 The riding crew on Wednesday of Week 6 Len speaking at Dordt Thursday Week 6 Sleeping under the tree waiting for my blood sugars levels to correct themselves. preparing to ride into Madison together preparing to ride into Madison together The roadside bistro that fed us for free! Military Ridge Bike Trail Military Ridge Bike Trail Steph on the Military Ridge Bike Trail Another church that opened it's doors to us to use their washroom without any warning. Welcome to Wisconsin Windmill blade in transport. Steph and Justin climbing a hill on Friday of Week 6. A fantastic treefort windmill windmill Slackline Slackline Slackline Slackline The riding crew for our rainy Wednesday 186 km ride.  Feast! This photo is going to get posted at my desk when back at the lab. A cool spider A cool spider New handlebar tape on the bike. Looks like a million bucks again! Crossed the bridge into Iowa Countryside just north of Fremont Countryside just north of Fremont Countryside just north of Fremont Some people move in to camp and really make themselves at home!

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