Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 7"

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Replacement hanger - new one on right Bike Path in Indiana. BikePath in Indiana Riding along the bike path in Indiana Walking down the beach Riding group through Chicago. Sending service at Trinity We got chocolate this morning for the ride  and some people just couldn't wait to get their hands in there. Pseudo Holland. Stephanie and myself My chasing Kevin up the side of the road in Chigaco rush hour traffic. Fixing Markus' tyre Fixing Markus' tyre Steph on top of one of our spray paint direction signs Somewhere along the Fox River Bike Path Fox River Bike Path Fox River Bikepath Middle of Woodstock Considering I snapped this while travelling 48 kph I think it's pretty good. Our host for lunch on Monday The view while drafting a garbage truck Main street More roadside signage... across the street from a brand new ethanol plant. Roadside signage Roof of Crossroads church. My wardrobe for the week hanging on the baseball backstop, I'm a colorful dude. Riding to Laundry. Capitol in Madison. replacement hanger - new one on front

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