Gallery "Sea to Sea - Week 9"

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Jenna Zee Niagara Falls All the riders over 6'4'' and Kevin Pasma Josh and Hans Doef Going for a swim! Success! Going for a walk in the Atlantic My front tyre in the Atlantic Ocean! On the beach with tyres in the water Riding along bike path in Liberty State Park Cylists fill the roadway! Ed Witvoet - Tour Manager Jersey City - town line Directions to Jersey City! - final ride with the police escort Final ride with the police escort Zinger and Stretch (Jon and Marc) on the final ride with the police escort Pizza stop in NJ The early rising crew. Hanging out at the waterfall north of Ithaca NY Welcome to NJ! Fixing Eritia's flat tyre. Josh on the downhill out of Canaan. Heading out of Canaan on the downhill Top of the ride for the day. We thought the promised land was in Michigan but we were wrong. Not exactly the kind of town you'd like to raise children in? Somewhere in PA. North of Dalton... somewhere... View of the Mountains on the Thursday Detour. PA is the second to last state of the trip! Welcome to NY Prayer Service on Wed Night Sunset Our hosts for dinner. Jenna Josh and Heidi just north of Binghampton New York Jenna and Heidi Jenna Zee and Heidi Bentum Downtown Ithaca Me and my loaf of bread. The camera was on Sepia by accident and by the time I noticed I had already eaten the whole loaf. The biggest waterfall east of the rockies

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