Gallery "Skiing - University Years"

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Panorama 2009 - Top of Taynton The famous Standish Cliff. Wearing the Hawiian garb to celebrate spring skiing, 2004-2005 Season Revelstoke 2009 - Josh - Reuben - Silas Panorama 2009 *B2* in Taynton Bowl Panorama 2009 Taynton Bowl Panorama 2009 Simmon after the cliff band Panorama 2009 sea of clouds Panorama 2009 summit - Lesley Revelstoke 2009 skiing through the clouds  New Bindings mounted for some XC action in the winter of 07-08! Freezing cold in the wind, Kicking Horse 2006-2007 Season A look at Whitewall, down towards Paula's line where we ended up doing our sweet lines. Kicking Horse 2006-2007 Season Silas's hand at the top of whitewall, butterflies in the stomach, stomach in your throat... just a little bit! Kicking-Horse 2006-2007 Season Sweet! - Lake Louise 2006-2007 Season Hiking into the Back Door - Sunshine 2006-2007 Season Sunshine Snowboard Park, 2004-2005 Season Sunshine Snowboard Park, 2004-2005 Season

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