Gallery "Summer of 2007"

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Dragonfly. Harvest Golf Course, Kelowna Slackline at Hawrelak - Tri club BBQ 2007 Trestle somewhere just outside Mayerthorpe A Red barn out by Ononway Jam cooling on the only rack in the house... in the oven Jam boiling on stove Jam making stuff garden Zucchini front of newhouse, sorry about the awful backlighting, what can I do it's sunny out! Side of newhouse Back of newhouse Fixie on front steps Steamroller from Redbike New Fixie next to the trusty Cervelo Lilypads. Harvest Golf Course, Kelowna Calgary from the air, flying Kelowna-Calgary-Edmonton following Jordan's wedding. Standing on a bridge at the sweetest golf course I've ever been to. Oh, and the wedding wasn't bad either. After unpacking (try to ignore the purple walls) Before unpacking My garden in the back yard My Garden in the back yard Blue House Blue House

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