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Ironman Brazil swimgame blows weekly distance out of the water Remembrance Day Sore backs demanded attention at the end of the day Simon Whitfield and Paul Tichelaar at the finish line - Triathlon World Championships Vancouver 2008 Bike Leg - Triathlon World Championships Vancouver 2008 Simon Whitfield leading out of the water - Triathlon World Championships Vancouver 2008 Histogram of finishing times for Calgary Police Half Marathon - 2008 Edmonton river-view on April 21. It's a blizzard out there! Cover of book Cover of book Cover of book SU president Michael Janz gives a kickoff to the race for Dignity with a little talk. Macca takes a drink at the finish line Parent with their child's best interests in mind Tri club webpage Ironman Brazil New Shoes (May 2007) Souza Dr. Sit (far right) riding tram cars instead of teaching EE350 lectures. Josh and Neil attempt to perform a stunt to go down in the record books. Followed closely by a trip to the Emergency room for some Xrays on that foot. desktop wallpaper Gateway letter to the editor Check out how the fork is attached to the frame Cover of book

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