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Be a long term mentor

Status: Incomplete
started: July 2003
duration: 5858 days thus far

Decided this at Camp Chestermere, but never really followed through with any guys in particular.

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Be a Missionary

Status: Complete
started: February 1997
ended: March 2003
duration: took 2230 days to complete

I'm going to consider this done when I went to Juarez Mexico even though that's really not "missionary". Our calling is to fullfill the great commission regardless of where we spend our time.

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Read the whole Bible

Status: Not quite
started: February 1997
duration: 8185 days thus far

I'd like to do it in order at some point. I'm getting close to doing it out of order, I've got a couple old testament prophets to work through but I feel like I need to be investing my reading elsewhere in there at the moment

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