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Go on a tandem bike trip with Dad

Status: Incomplete
started: September 2006
duration: 4697 days thus far

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Teach my kids to ski

Status: Incomplete
started: March 2005
duration: 5246 days thus far

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Bike 100 Miles in one shot

Status: Complete
started: June 2004
ended: July 2008
duration: took 1492 days to complete

When Dad was going to sign up for his cross-canada trip I got this idea in my head. Unfortunately due to a bout with Mononucleosis I couldn't do it with him that summer. I don't mean I can't put a foot down from the bike but I do mean: no lunch breaks!

My first century ride was out to Whitecourt in the summer of 2007. I took a half hour lunch break after 150 kms. I then did a few more century rides in preparation for SeatoSea... all of them taking more than a 5 minute break at some point during the ride. On the sea to sea bike trip in the summer of 2008 I rode 175 miles but there wasn't a continuous 100 miles in there... I rode 112 miles with a lunch break halfway later the same week. The next century included a stop at the Mormon temple after 105 kms. The century after that included a lunch break in Steamboat Springs Colorado. The one after that included 11500 feet of climbing and there was no way I could do it without getting off the bike and chowing down on food and taking a break. The next century ride included a 10 minute break for a flat tyre change and then a 15 minute break in a lawn chair eating watermelon... doesn't count. Okay... if the point hasn't been made already I wasn't going to check this off the "list" until I actually did it without a break which I proceeded to do the very next day. I did a splash and dash twice to fill up water bottles but neither stop was more than 3 minutes I'd estimate and bam! 100 miles were in the bag within 5 hours. Check that one off the list!

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Get Married

Status: Incomplete
started: February 1997
duration: 8185 days thus far

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Visit the Birthplace of all my Grandparents

Status: Complete
started: February 1997
ended: December 2000
duration: took 1413 days to complete

Completed when visited Oudega Friesland. (only a week after I got to Culemborg (the first one)

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Bike from Jasper to Banff

Status: Complete
started: February 1997
ended: July 2009
duration: took 4541 days to complete

I did the stretch from Bow summit to Castle Junction at approximately age 13.

In July 2009 I rode Lake Louise to Jasper and then from Jasper to Lake Louise the next day. Earlier that year I'd ridden the stretch from Banff to Lake-Louise a couple times so now I've ridden all of the sections of this highway in both directions. I still think it would be cool to ride the whole deal in one day, around 290kms total, but there's not that many people who would want to do that with me! Maybe also to do it on a tandem. It's a great road and needs to be ridden!

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