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Hundred Pushups

Status: Incomplete
started: May 2009
duration: 3716 days thus far

Challenge made by triathlon club members to do a hundred consecutive pushups. The plan is to follow the training protocol from www.hundredpushups.com to the extent that it is possible without interfering with triathlon training. This means the pushup plan occurs mostly last thing before I went to bed.

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Ten minute beer mile

Status: Incomplete (unattempted)
started: June 2007
duration: 4420 days thus far

Following the Kingston rules...

Each competitor drinks four cans of beer and runs four laps on a track (Start - beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap, beer/lap - finish). The world record is 5:40, and anything under 10 minutes is a very acceptable time.

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Go on a tandem bike trip with Dad

Status: Incomplete
started: September 2006
duration: 4697 days thus far

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Swim 5 Miles

Status: Incomplete
started: April 2006
duration: 4851 days thus far

I'd rather not have to do it in a pool.

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Become an Ironman

Status: Complete
started: November 2005
ended: August 2010
duration: took 1737 days to complete

Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 112 Miles, Run 26 Miles 385 Yards. I toyed with the idea of wanting to do this within a certain time... 12 hours has been the number rolling around in my head but I thought that making such a goal is unreasonable. I would like to complete an Ironman without walking on the marathon, this I'm sure will not happen on my first attempt at the distance.

Update: I completed Ironman Canada in 2010 in 10 hours and 1 minute. I managed to run the entire marathon... a far cry from what I imagined was possible of myself when I originally set out this goal. There's a lot of potential within me to tackle big things.

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Finish an Olympic Distance Triathlon

Status: Completed
started: October 2005
ended: August 2006
duration: took 301 days to complete

Swim 1500 meters, Bike 40 km, Run 10 km.

Finished Lake Chaparral Triathlon 2 hours 20 min 4 seconds. This was an abridged version due to construction and was 4 km short on the bike. Two weeks later I completed the Summerside Olympic distance triathlon in 2 hours 51 minutes 46 seconds. This bike course exceeded 40 km by 4 km also due to construction.

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Bike up the famous hill at Alps d'Huez

Status: Incomplete
started: July 2005
duration: 5110 days thus far

Watched Lance do it in his final tour and figured that it seemed like a fun time.

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Limit my processed sugar intake

Status: Complete
started: April 2005
ended: June 2005
duration: took 73 days to complete

Did a thorough cost-benefit analysis of the amount of highly processed simple sugars consumed these days by the average person. I decided that I should try to eliminate processed simple sugars (glucose and sucrose) from my diet. Results were great and I felt like I had much more energy. I eventually started consuming some sugars after taking more than 60 days completely off.

When I began a strict training schedule I realized that simple carbohydrates do have their place and I now consume a considerable amount compared with my cold-turkey days. I try to limit simple sugar consumption to times that my body demands blood glycogen.

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