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Swim 5 Miles

Status: Incomplete
started: April 2006
duration: 4851 days thus far

I'd rather not have to do it in a pool.

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Watch the Ironman World Championships

Status: Incomplete
started: March 2006
duration: 4872 days thus far

I'd like to go to Kona to watch the world championships even if I never manage to qualify and race there. Amazing stuff happens there every year and I'd like to be a part of it once. I would of course bring my bike and try out the road to Hawi and run along Ali'i drive when the race wasn't going on.

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Become an Ironman

Status: Complete
started: November 2005
ended: August 2010
duration: took 1737 days to complete

Swim 2.4 Miles, Bike 112 Miles, Run 26 Miles 385 Yards. I toyed with the idea of wanting to do this within a certain time... 12 hours has been the number rolling around in my head but I thought that making such a goal is unreasonable. I would like to complete an Ironman without walking on the marathon, this I'm sure will not happen on my first attempt at the distance.

Update: I completed Ironman Canada in 2010 in 10 hours and 1 minute. I managed to run the entire marathon... a far cry from what I imagined was possible of myself when I originally set out this goal. There's a lot of potential within me to tackle big things.

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Finish an Olympic Distance Triathlon

Status: Completed
started: October 2005
ended: August 2006
duration: took 301 days to complete

Swim 1500 meters, Bike 40 km, Run 10 km.

Finished Lake Chaparral Triathlon 2 hours 20 min 4 seconds. This was an abridged version due to construction and was 4 km short on the bike. Two weeks later I completed the Summerside Olympic distance triathlon in 2 hours 51 minutes 46 seconds. This bike course exceeded 40 km by 4 km also due to construction.

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Bike 100 Miles in one shot

Status: Complete
started: June 2004
ended: July 2008
duration: took 1492 days to complete

When Dad was going to sign up for his cross-canada trip I got this idea in my head. Unfortunately due to a bout with Mononucleosis I couldn't do it with him that summer. I don't mean I can't put a foot down from the bike but I do mean: no lunch breaks!

My first century ride was out to Whitecourt in the summer of 2007. I took a half hour lunch break after 150 kms. I then did a few more century rides in preparation for SeatoSea... all of them taking more than a 5 minute break at some point during the ride. On the sea to sea bike trip in the summer of 2008 I rode 175 miles but there wasn't a continuous 100 miles in there... I rode 112 miles with a lunch break halfway later the same week. The next century included a stop at the Mormon temple after 105 kms. The century after that included a lunch break in Steamboat Springs Colorado. The one after that included 11500 feet of climbing and there was no way I could do it without getting off the bike and chowing down on food and taking a break. The next century ride included a 10 minute break for a flat tyre change and then a 15 minute break in a lawn chair eating watermelon... doesn't count. Okay... if the point hasn't been made already I wasn't going to check this off the "list" until I actually did it without a break which I proceeded to do the very next day. I did a splash and dash twice to fill up water bottles but neither stop was more than 3 minutes I'd estimate and bam! 100 miles were in the bag within 5 hours. Check that one off the list!

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Run a Marathon

Status: Complete
started: February 1997
ended: April 2009
duration: took 4429 days to complete

26 Miles 375 Yards.

Completed at the Yakima River Canyon Marathon in a time of 3:27:51

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